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Road Markings

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Road Names

Roundabout Precinct


Pedestrian Crossing



6) Lanes



The driver should be aware that there are normally no more than 3 lanes positioned close to the point of entry and should be lined up with the appropriate lane depending on whether


The Exit is first Left *



* In the UK


In some cases depending on how the intersections make contact with the roundabout, arrows are painted on the surface within the point of entry bays.

Arrows are normally only put in:-

1. If there is a high volume of traffic flow at all the intersections

2. If there is high volume of traffic both exiting left and taking the road ahead (UK)

3. If the road ahead is greater than the 12 o’clock position (UK)

The types of arrows in the case of the first listed above might be:-

• Left lane – Straight arrow with left fish hook arrow attached*

• Middle lane – Straight arrow (road ahead only)*

• Right lane – Straight arrow (This lane is appropriate for going ahead or turning right)*

* In the UK

In the case of a two lane entry (see picture 1 under Road Markings) the following arrows maybe used:-

• Left lane – left fish hook arrow only

• Second lane – straight arrow only

These lanes are more commonly found where there are two lanes only at Point of Entry.