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The driver should make:-

• An early observation on the approach


• Indicate left or right on the approach but not for going ahead

• Reduce speed in good time


• Yield to the LEFT (RIGHT IN THE UK)

• Decide whether to stop or not within a car’s length of the Point of Entry

• Make a decision to emerge into the correct lane


• Carry out the following when passing the final exit before the one selected to vacate:-


• Mirrors (Main and passenger side mirrors)

• Indicate in the direction of the exit

• Carry out the Manoeuvre*

• It is important to carry out a), b) and c) as the vehicle is passing the last exit before the one the exit is going to be made.

• Leave the roundabout and concentrate on the “new road”


* A shoulder look on a wide roundabout in the direction of the curb side is important to make sure all the blind spots are taken in before conducting the manoeuvre.


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