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Andy Hall

Approved Driving Instructor/Publisher

Education: - Feltonfleet Preparatory School

Crookham Court Public School


My career up until the year 2000 had been in the insurance industry working for independent financial advisers Medical Insurance Agency (a no profit organisation and subsidiary of the British Medical Association) and Leslie & Godwin Life and Pensions during the period 1970 – 1979. My responsibilities ranged from giving financial and insurance advice to members of the medical profession with the MIA and corporate pensions administration in the case of the latter.

Between the years 1979 – 2000 I worked for the Prudential Corporation plc in corporate pensions administration and then onto managing customer relations on both life assurance claim settlements and new business. I became a non-commission Company Representative on behalf of the Corporation for members of the arm forces in the UK and overseas.

I was licensed through the regulators Security Investment Board (SIB) and later Life Assurance Regulatory Organisation (LAUTRO) to give financial and insurance advice.

I was an external Name at Lloyd’s of London from 1982 – 2000.

Following a redundancy in January 2000, I switched my career to driver education. I qualified as an Approved Driving Instructor and registered with the Driving Standards Agency. I franchised myself with the Central Instructor’s Association Driving School. I enjoy my new work and finding the high quality of required teaching challenging and very rewarding.

In 2001 I qualified as a mentor the Royal Philanthropic Society and supported by Kent County Council to help young people coming out of care homes. This is a voluntary work role. I have attended a number of additional training courses on drug abuse, mental health and work involvement of Connections (a government organisation) for helping young people into work training experience and jobs. I am working to qualify for the B-Tech Award qualification.

I am a member of the Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club. I enjoy playing golf, tennis, walking and swimming. I hold both British and Canadian Private Pilot’s Licenses and have a fondness for classical and jazz music.